Hotel Software
In 2001, Resort Data Processing celebrated its 20th anniversary of developing, installing, and supporting property management software for the hotel industry. Over the past 20 years, we have installed over 1000 property management systems in 20 countries on six continents. The design of RDPWin is based on the feature set developed over those 20 years and used by over 1000 customers. RDPWin combines the power of Microsoft's ".Net" technology and ease-of-use of Windows, while preserving and enhancing thousands of RDP features added over the years. RDPWin and the Global Distribution System RDPWin integrates the revenue-generating capabilities of the Global Distribution System (GDS). This feature allows your property to be visible to thousands of travel agents and potential guests on popular websites such as Travelocity, Orbitz, and Priceline. Guests no longer have to contact travel agents to book hotel rooms - they simply point their browser to one of several hospitality booking websites and make a reservation directly with the hotel! In the past, many RDP customers have elected not to participate in the GDS. However, with the number of GDS reservations increasing exponentially, it is critical to understand and utilize the GDS. RDPWin makes it so easy to be a part of the GDS that there will be no reason not to accept the reservations (and revenue) that appear in your system each day! RDPWin's ".Net" simplifies the process of interfacing with the Global Distribution System.